Kentucky Redneck Outdoors

What is KY Redneck Outdoors?

Kentucky Redneck Outdoors (KRO) consists of a group of Kentucky hunters, fishermen, and individuals whose mental status is somewhat… questionable.

What does the KRO staff do? Nothing normal. Nothing safe. Nothing sane. These wild Kentucky Rednecks will do anything related to the outdoors, as long as it’s dangerous.
The KRO team’s central staff consists of three main men, Scott, Jesse and Doctor Doug, that live for adventure and excitement. After a lifetime of trying all the safe stuff, they one day decided that the dangerous concepts provided much more adrenaline.

KRO also gives other outdoorsmen a chance to be featured. If you would like your video of your crazy outdoor adventures to be featured on the Kentucky Redneck Outdoors site, upload them to YouTube and send the link to .

If you would like to get a feel for what a real Kentucky Redneck does, check out the videos below. See our KRO Video page for more videos of the Redneck staff. Click on the “I’m a Redneck Too” link on the right side of the page to view other folks crazy adventures.